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Created on: 22 Mar 2023 15:14
Category: UI for ASP.NET AJAX
Type: Feature Request
RadSignature Clear/Reset button

The RadSignature has the option to reset the contents of the signature but it would be great to make an event like a OnReset or OnClear so I can set the status of other objects on my page.

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Posted on: 29 Mar 2023 11:29

Hi Rodney,

Thank you for this feature request!

You are right that, currently, neither the RadSignature nor the Kendo Signature Widget beneath are exposing events related to clicking the clear button.

What can be done while such an event is lacking, is to use the load event of the RadSignature and reach the DOM element representing the Clear button and subscribe to its native click event:

    function signatureLoad(sender, args) {
        $signatureElement = $telerik.$(sender.get_element());
        $clearButton = $signatureElement.find('.k-signature-clear');
        $clearButton.click(function () {
            alert("Clear Signature clicked");
<telerik:RadSignature runat="server" ID="RadSignature1">
    <ClientEvents OnLoad="signatureLoad" />

As an act of gratitude for your valuable input I have updated your Telerik points.

Kind regards,
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