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Created on: 15 Dec 2022 16:55
Category: Grid
Type: Bug Report
DetailItemTemplate colspan incorrect when AllowColumnResize is set to true and hiding at least one column
When having at least one hidden column and the AllowColumnResize is set to true, the table cells in the DetailItemTemplate do not get the correct colspan value, hence braking the table structure.
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Attila Antal
Posted on: 15 Dec 2022 17:11

Hello John,

Thank you for reporting the issue! 


Indeed the colspan attribute set for the TD element inside of the DetailItemTemplate is incorrect causing the table to brake.



A possible workaround would be to adjust the Table cell (TD) elements' colspan based on the visible columns:

function OnGridCreated(grid, args) {
    if (grid.ClientSettings.Resizing.AllowColumnResize) {
        var masterTable = grid.get_masterTableView();
        var visibleColumnsCount = masterTable.get_columns().filter(col => col.get_visible()).length;

        $(masterTable.get_element()).find('tbody > tr > td[colspan]').attr('colspan', visibleColumnsCount);


Attila Antal
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