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Created on: 18 Mar 2022 08:22
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Themebuilder Doesn't Output a Complete Set of CSS

I've used the Telerik Themebuilder to create a css file for the grid and set up my application to use the theme.  This is working however, there are many classes that are not being output by the themebuilder.  For instance, the buttons on the pager don't work.


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Posted on: 18 Mar 2022 09:06

As a workaround, when you need to create a Theme for a composite control (such as the RadGrid), you will need to manually select all dependent controls as well. That way all needed styles will be included.

Specifically for the case with RadGrid, please select also: InputMenuComboBoxDropDownList.

Below is a list of the dependencies so you can use the workaround with any other complex control:

DropDownTree: TreeView
Notification: Menu
TileList: Tile
DataForm: Input, Button, Calendar
Filter: Input, Calendar, DropDownList, Menu
Grid: Input, Menu, ComboBox, DropDownList
PivotGrid: Input, Menu, ComboBox, DropDownList
TreeList: Input, ComboBox, DropDownList
Calendar: Input
ColorPicker: Slider
ImageEditor: ToolBar, ColorPicker, FormDecorator, ComboBox, DropDownList, Button, Dock, Slider
Editor: Window, Splitter, FormDecorator, ImageEditor, FileExplorer
FileExplorer: Window, Grid, Splitter, Slider, TreeView, Upload, ToolBar, Button
Scheduler: Calendar, Input, ComboBox, ToolBar, Upload
Spreadsheet: TabStrip, ToolBar, ColorPicker, Calendar, Input, ComboBox, DropDownList, Menu, ListBox
CheckBox: Button
RadioButton: Button
RadioButtonList: Button
CheckBoxList: Button
LinkButton: Button
MediaPlayer: Slider, SocialShare
PushButton: Button
ToggleButton: Button
SplitButton: Menu

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