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Created on: 24 Jan 2022 16:05
Category: UI for ASP.NET AJAX
Type: Feature Request
Control displaying time range on a clock face

I am looking for a simple clock image which I can set from code behind with, for example, startime=1000 | endtime=1600 and see a little circle with a clock face with a "pie slice" shaded in to represent the period between 10am and 4pm.

I am not looking for a time picker (that's already done in the Edit Form) - I need a way of displaying a little visual indicator like a clock face / pie chart type of graphic with a shaded area showing the user a range such as 10am-4pm, 2pm-4pm, 8am-1pm etc. 

I think the minimum requirements would be:

1. Skin support (I use Bootstrap but all standard skins should be supported)

2. Be able to define a "start" and "end" range for the time slots around the edge

3. Be able to choose a beginning slot and an end slot

4. Be able to add a label in the centre (in my case it would Date but it would be useful to be able to make it something like RadClockRange.CentreLabel.Text="something"). Also, maybe the label could have properties such as RadClockRange.CentreLabel.Colour=Red / .CentreLabel.FontSize=16 etc.

5. It would be nice to databind (I use dbo.Appointments.TimeStart="11" and dbo.Appointments.TimeEnd="15" but it could be user controllable - like the scheduler - to use a user definable field in a table)

6. A range of sizes would be useful