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Created on: 14 Oct 2020 10:13
Category: Grid
Type: Bug Report
RadGrid with Excel-Like filtering fails the Accessibility Validation.
When Exce-Like filtering is enabled for the Grid, the Accessibility Validation Tools detect errors such as "A button is empty or has no value" and "Missing form label".
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Attila Antal
Posted on: 14 Oct 2020 10:23

Thank you for reporting this problem!


Attach the OnGridCreated client-side event to RadGrid and in that event handler use JavaScript or jQuery to add the attribute "aria-label" to the elements that are missing it.

function GridCreated(sender, args) {
    $telerik.$('.RadGrid .rgOptions:not(:has("aria-label"))').each(function () {
        $(this).attr('aria-label', "Column Menu");

    $telerik.$('.GridContextMenu input[id$="HCFMRCMBFirstCond_Input"]').attr('aria-label', 'DropDown Filter First Condition');
    $telerik.$('.GridContextMenu input[id$="HCFMRCMBSecondCond_Input"]').attr('aria-label', 'DropDown Filter Second Condition');
    $telerik.$('.GridContextMenu input[id$="HCFMRTBFirstCond"]').attr('aria-label', 'Input Filter First Condition');
    $telerik.$('.GridContextMenu input[id$="HCFMRTBSecondCond"]').attr('aria-label', 'Input Filter Second Condition');
    $telerik.$('.GridContextMenu input[id$="filterCheckListSearch"]').attr('aria-label', 'Filter Checklist Search');

Attila Antal
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