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Created on: 16 Sep 2020 08:34
Category: HtmlChart
Type: Feature Request
Highlight a plotted point dynamically

I have an htmlchart using a scatter series and a radgrid, on the grid row hover event I call the below javascript function to show the relevant tooltip for the plotted point matching the id of the grid row.

        function showToolTip(eventArgs, chart, plotXvalue, plotYvalue) {
            var chart = $telerik.findControl(document, chart);
            var widget = chart.get_kendoWidget();

            widget.showTooltip(function (point) {
                var gridID = eventArgs.getDataKeyValue("Id");
                var key = "ID";

                var mypoint = point.value.x == eventArgs.getDataKeyValue(plotXvalue) && point.value.y == eventArgs.getDataKeyValue(plotYvalue) && point.dataItem[key] == gridID;

                if (!mypoint) {
                return mypoint;


This all works well, however I would like to also highlight the plotted point that the tooltip relates to, the same effect as the mouse over on the point within the chart.