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Created on: 11 Aug 2020 04:26
Category: Gauge
Type: Feature Request
Add an AutoResize property to Guage when height and width are set in percentages

Add a new property to HtmlChart as well as Gauges to AutoResize on parent control size change. A precondition to this is Height and Width of the control must be set in percentages of the parent control.

To implement this we can either use window.onresize or ResizeObserver.


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Posted on: 18 Aug 2020 15:37

Hi Kasim,

The idea of having an AutoResize property for the Gauge is great and if there weren't a lot of limitations we would have already implemented it.

The problems behind such implementation are:

  • this property will not work reliably in all scenarios
  • will depend on the layout of the page and may get broken when you have elements with position: absolute/relative or z-index.
  • it will expose performance issues

On the other hand, the built-in redraw()/repaint() methods can be invoked relatively easily after resizing the control with its API. 

Given that, unfortunately, I am going to decline this useful feature request.

Best Regards,
Progress Telerik

Posted on: 12 Aug 2020 04:25

Hi Vessy,

Here I am proposing to have a property that the developer can use only when needed. Also, since this is handled outside of the control using window.onresize or ResizeObserver, the addition of RadPageLayout is not required.

Posted on: 11 Aug 2020 18:00


Thanks a lot for the submitted feature request, Kasim.

Unfortunately, the implementation of the Gauge is pretty similar the chart's one and all reasons preventing us from such autosizing improvement are applicable to it as well.

Anyone interested in such implementation can refer the following item:

Progress Telerik