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O365 Office 365 Intergration Examples


Our O365 users  see 'Excel on the screen'  so it should behave the same, its Excel in a the browser - which means the Ajax controls are competing with this.
Which means our code is crap because there is a difference in investment between us and Microsoft, we are also burdened with the feature that uses are lazy and dont want to think for themselves, the computer is meant to do thier job for them (so why employ them). 
We also use MS Teams here that allows Excel documents to be used in the Browser, Teams joins sharepoint and skype. 

It would be nice to you to look how your controls might integrate with Office 365  tooling, there is enormous traction in the market with MS Teams and O365 so I imagine the AJAX document sources would need O365/azure examples soon.

It matters that you have a skin that allows users to perceive that this app is just like O365, and the same assumptions can be made about the UX, this lifts a lot of the burden for the developers in training, when the affordance of O365 App and Telerik Apps are the same.

I would appreciate a set of demo examples that connect in to Azure/O365 and equally Dynamics365 (BizTalk) because of the traction in the O365 space, the amount of process automation in businesses across the UK and Europe. So many of the Telerik controls looks like desktop controls, many are better it would be useful to show just how easy it is connect into O365, maybe create a Graph Query connector or a sample O365 connector that covers the CRUD operations for office docs.

Thanks in advance 

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Posted on: 11 Oct 2019 13:15

Hello Doug,

Thank you for your valuable feedback!

Under SharePoint Online (Office 365) and on-premise you can use the Kendo UI widgets from Telerik. The UI for ASP.NET AJAX controls rely on the ASP.NET Web Forms application model that is not available in SharePoint Online.

The following articles can help get you started in your development:

This information is available at Telerik and SharePoint Online and on-premise.

Best Regards,
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