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Release R1 2020
Created on: 24 May 2019 17:00
Category: UI for ASP.NET AJAX
Type: Bug Report
RadCheckBoxList Not Enabling/Disabling in panel

I have a RadCheckboxList In an ASP Panel. When Enabling/Disabling the panel the CheckBoxList does not Enable/Disable.  I tested this with a simple mock up with additional controls that work as expected:


<asp:Panel ID="TestPanel" runat="server" Enabled="true">

<telerik:RadCheckBoxList ID="WeeklyDays" runat="server" Columns="4" AutoPostBack="false">


<telerik:ButtonListItem Text="Monday" Value="2" />

<telerik:ButtonListItem Text="Tuesday" Value="4" />

<telerik:ButtonListItem Text="Wednesday" Value="8" />

<telerik:ButtonListItem Text="Thursday" Value="16" />

<telerik:ButtonListItem Text="Friday" Value="32" />

<telerik:ButtonListItem Text="Saturday" Value="64" />

<telerik:ButtonListItem Text="Sunday" Value="1" Selected="true" />



<telerik:RadTextBox ID="TestText" runat="server"></telerik:RadTextBox>

<telerik:RadDatePicker ID="TestDate" runat="server"></telerik:RadDatePicker>


<br />

<telerik:RadCheckBox ID="ToggleEnabled" runat="server" Text="Toggle Panel" AutoPostBack="true" Checked="true" OnCheckedChanged="ToggleEnabled_CheckedChanged"></telerik:RadCheckBox>



 protected voidToggleEnabled_CheckedChanged(objectsender, EventArgs e)


TestPanel.Enabled = Convert.ToBoolean(ToggleEnabled.Checked);


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Peter Milchev
Posted on: 27 May 2019 15:13
Hello Randy,

Thank you for reporting this behavior to us and providing a simple reproduction snippet. 

Indeed, there seems to be an issue with the CheckBoxList and the RadioButtonList where the Enabled property is not set properly to true. Unfortunately, this is a server-side issue, so we cannot provide a workaround except setting the Enabled property explicitly.

protected void ToggleEnabled_CheckedChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
    WeeklyDays.Enabled = Convert.ToBoolean(ToggleEnabled.Checked);
    TestPanel.Enabled = Convert.ToBoolean(ToggleEnabled.Checked);

I have converted this ticket to a bug report item in the Feedback portal where you can follow the progress of the item. 

For helping us identify this issue, we have updated your Telerik points.

Peter Milchev
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