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Created on: 19 Sep 2018 14:17
Category: Grid
Type: Feature Request
grid batch edit applied to selected records
Currently when doing a Batch Edit with the Grid each row and cell must be updated with a new/edited value before saving.

Example: a User has a Grid containing records and would like to update several records because a Date field requires updating.

Can it be possible for the User to select the Rows they would like to update, Edit the Date Field(using the example above), but this time when Saved all records that were selected are updated. 

This solution may require a modal to be displayed that shows all fields available, similar to Edit/Insert grid Popup. The appropriate field is then updated and saved only to selected records.

This feature would save a lot of time by not having to edit each row individually then saving.
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Peter Milchev
Posted on: 29 May 2020 16:40

Hello Alan,

The described behavior can be achieved with a custom code. For example, via a Context menu you can trigger a Window with the editor and an Update button or/and Update All Selected button. 

Then, on the button click, you can use the client-side API of the Batch manager to change the values for the column in all selected rows programmatically:

This would update the cell values on the client-side as if the User manually edited each cell.

Peter Milchev
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