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Created on: 07 Mar 2018 20:06
Category: Grid
Type: Feature Request
MS Access like navigation in radgrid with auto save when moving to next record
Dear developers

I would like to see an easy way to have straight forward navigation / edit / save operations in radgrid the way it works for MS Access grids. When working in MS Access grid the record automatically gets dirty on edit, has an easy cancel by ESC button, and auto-saves without any trouble when moving to the next record. The way it works in MS Access is until 2018 still hard to find in a web-control. I managed to use the batch edit and have a kind of auto save when moving to the next record. but it is a pain because the postback action results in loosing the focus on the field you navigated to. 

Why is it so hard to built what the MS boys (the old guys did great work) already built ages ago. Its about time that our web controls behave like old fashioned windows fat client controls.

Please don't lean behind, thinking that all is fine now. its not, a lot can be improved and made easier to handle and give user better user experience.

When I look at the current NEW / UPDATES for ASP.NET Ajax Controls it make me cry to see that its apparently put aside as FINISHED. Wake up, improve more or give a clear roadmap for future developments. Progress should not loose focus on the Telerik ASP.NET Ajax toolbox because that one is still a major tool for the coming 5-10 years I expect.