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Created on: 11 Jan 2018 15:04
Category: Scheduler
Type: Feature Request
Allow TimeSlotCreated to fire after the Advanced Edit Form is shown
Something prevents the timeslotcreated event from firing when the advanced form is shown and therefore all the customizations that are done within timeslotcreated event are not in effect until advanced form is closed.  For example you can see different background color/image on January 1st on the attached "Capture1.png" picture, but as soon as I open the advanced form, for create/edit, those css settings are gone (see attached "Capture2.png" picture) until I close the form.

You would think that this is a pretty big bug that needs to be resolved.

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Peter Milchev
Posted on: 06 Aug 2020 14:31


Due to the high performance decrease such implementation will cause and given the low interest from the community, the item is declined.

The workaround shared above by Marin is still applicable and can be used to achieve the requested functionality/customization.

Peter Milchev
Progress Telerik

Marin Bratanov
Posted on: 11 Jan 2018 15:45
At the moment, TimeSlotCreated does not fire when the scheduler renders after the advanced form is to render, and this is a performance optimization.

This is what prevents customizations in it from showing up.

A workaround would be to build a custom assembly and in in Telerik.Web.UI\Scheduler\RadScheduler.cs, find the FireTimeSlotCreated() method and comment the first line:

private void FireTimeSlotCreated()
    //if (InAdvancedMode) return;
    . . . .