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Last Updated: 29 Nov 2017 18:33 by SUNIL
Created on: 29 Nov 2017 17:48
Category: FormDecorator
Type: Bug Report
Select element drop down width issue in FormDecorator
ISSUE: Screenshot of this issue can be seen at :
(2) and also at 

The issue is that the drop down width is not matching the width of top part when a select element is styled by FormDecorator. I am using the latest version i.e. 2017.3 913.

Go to the demo page of FormDecorator at
Expand the only select element on this demo page and you will notice that drop down width is not matching the top part width.

When I tried to resolve this problem, I came up with a solution that works across all skins and render modes as well as all modern browsers of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge + IE 9,10 and 11. 

The solution involves overriding the method Telerik.Web.UI.RadFormDecorator.prototype._expandHeader.  JavaScript for overriding this method is given in attached file. Just copy this script and paste in anywhere in your aspx page to resolve this issue.
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Posted on: 29 Nov 2017 18:33
This issue occurs in lightweight and mobile render mode for all skins. In classic render mode. it occurs only for Glow and Silk themes.