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Created on: 29 Dec 2016 18:57
Category: InputManager
Type: Feature Request
RadTextBoxes + JAWS: Form Fields dialog listing.
When RadText boxes have EnableAriaSupport=True and also have a tooltip set, the JAWS form fields dialog should list the control along with any text that might be in the textbox.
Currently it does not list the text.
see following support ticket for more details:
Posted on: 14 Aug 2019 12:02
Hi there,

We just released the Latest Internal Build 2019.2.814 of the suite with a fix for this issue and wanted to notify you about that.

You can check the release notes at as well as download the installation from

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Posted on: 07 Feb 2018 16:40
There are many Telerik input controls (RadTextBox, RadMaskedTextBox, RadDateInput, and RadNumericTextBox) that wrap an input element with a span (with class RadInput), where Telerik renders a title attribute on both the wrapper SPAN and input element.
This also includes composite controls RadDatePicker, RadDateTimePicker, RadTimePicker, RadMonthYearPicker, because they use a RadDateInput control within them.

The title on the parent wrapper SPAN causes JAWS (for some reason) to list both elements (span and input) in the INSERT+F5 Form Fields Dialog.  The wrapper SPAN has no input functionality, so if the user picks that element from the dialog, it may not reliably activate the input element.

With or without EnableAriaSupport enabled, I don't know why the wrapper SPAN needs a title (Tooltip) rendered, as the inner INPUT element has the title (Tooltip) rendered on it.

Additionally, when EnableAriaSupport=true on these input controls, the wrapper SPAN gets a role=textbox, even though the inner INPUT control has an implicit role=textbox, which can confuse AT tools like JAWS.  It's like saying there's a textbox in a textbox, which isn't correct.  If you use the INSERT+F5 dialog to pick once of those fields, JAWS focuses on the wrapper SPAN and the user is not placed into Forms mode, so they can't start editing the field.  They have to press TAB to shift focus into the inner input field.

This is broken AT behavior IMHO.  The wrapper SPAN should either have no ARIA role (even with EnableAriaSupport=true), or be set with role=presentation still.  Also, the wrapper SPAN does not need the title attribute defined.