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Created on: 19 May 2016 08:36
Category: Calendar
Type: Feature Request
Replace ComponentArt's Calender control with Telerik's DatePicker
Currently we are migrating from ComponentArt controls to Telerik controls. We have replaced date picker with Telerik control. Now, as expected, we need the look, feel and behavior as same as previous one – to ensure the user friendliness. 

Below are few behaviors which we are looking forward in Telerik control. Please guide/assist us to achieve those.
• Type date manually in textbox and user should be able to change it using up and down arrow keys as well.
o In ComponentArt control I was able to edit every part of the date viz. dd, mm or yyyy individually when the focus is on individual part of date.
o If I press “J” then it will 1st select Jan if I press “J” again then it will select Jun if again then it will select Jul.
o If I press “11” then it will select “Nov” automatically or of I press “9” then it will select “Sep” automatically.
• Don't want user to key in null/blank values – these should be automatically validated by control.
• User should neither wipe out content of text box nor remove a single character from text box. If user presses unnecessary keys then ignore it.
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Posted on: 20 Sep 2016 07:38
You can achieve these requirements using custom script logic. Please check the following resource for a practical implementation: