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Created on: 17 May 2016 15:14
Category: ClientExportManager
Type: Bug Report
ASP.NET page Export to PDF, images / icons quality is very poor
With Reference of this URL: full page export to pdf using telerik RADClientExportManager, image quality is very poor.  But export to image using the same gives the good result.  need support how to improve pdf export quality (icons / images). Reminding: Export to image the same page (.png) have good output, problem is with only PDF

Posted on: 28 Mar 2019 10:28
I am going to decline this feedback, because with the latest version R1 2019 SP1 of the suite the images looks OK when exporting to PDF.

I just wanted to explain that there is no additional processing of the image itself that depends on the export file type. The quality of the exported file entirely depends on the quality of the image itself and on its dimensions on the screen.

Answering your other questions:
- There is no property that would allow you to determine the quality of the exported image;
- The RadClientExportManager performs the whole export procedure on the client (in the browser) and it does not offer server side export functionality;
- Instead of the RadClientExportManager, you could also try Telerik PdfProcessing library that performs the entire export process on server. Keep in mind that you will have to practically build your entire PDF file on the server and then export it. Demos could be found here.

The PDFFormatProvider allows you to import and export a RadFixedDocument from/to PDF format, preserving the entire document structure and formatting. It could be used for some controls that have build-in Import / Export to PDF functionality (WordsProcessing, RadSpreadProcessing, PdfProcessing).

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Posted on: 09 Jun 2016 15:57
What do you mean by poor quality for the PDF export? Can you provide a screenshot demonstrating the problems?

The only think that I've seen is that the bullets are represented as small dots, but this is because of the conversion from HTML to PDF.