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Created on: 31 Mar 2016 07:28
Category: HtmlChart
Type: Feature Request
Server Side Series Click
Is there any plans to add a Server Side series click event in RadHTMLChart? Currently it is only available via the Client side.
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Marin Bratanov
Posted on: 12 May 2016 10:32
Hi Colin,

There are no such plans. RadHtmlChart is a server wrapepr for the Kendo Chart widget and as such operates only on the client-side. The server integration provides:
- ASP markup for defining the chart
- ability to create the chart in the code-behind (i.e., C# or VB)
- serialization of declarative series items or data source to a JSON literal that is passed to the Kendo Chart widget

Thus, server events are not going to be available in this control.

What I suggest is that you initiate a postback like shown in this demo: