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Najid Hanif
Created on: 04 Mar 2016 22:43
Category: PersistenceFramework
Type: Feature Request
PersistenceFramework - Initiate Save state via client method
I want to save the state of a control from the client. My use case can be seen in one of your demos.

I want to save the selected tab when its been clicked, this way the user does not have to click on some other button or remember to do that.  

I also don't want an OnTabClick event to happen on the server to slow things down.
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Peter Milchev
Posted on: 31 May 2021 13:27


The PersistenceFramework requires a postback in order to access the new property values of the controls as they are usually persisted in the client-state and processed upon postback. 

That is why a postback is required in order to save the state of a control and an entirely client-side solution is not feasible.

Using partial postback can help with saving the persistence while updating only part of the page instead of the full page.

In general, the framework itself is designed to do a lot of full/partial postback requests, so avoiding that can be very tricky and not always possible.

For simple properties, you can persist the desired info in a cookie. Then, server-side on page load, apply the settings you have in the cookie.

Peter Milchev
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