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Hayu Rahiza
Created on: 22 Jul 2015 09:32
Category: Gantt
Type: Feature Request
Add ContextMenu to ASP.Net AJAX Gantt UI
I need a context menu when user right click on particular task. Is it possible?
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Posted on: 12 Aug 2019 11:02
Hi Hayu,

Thank you for your feature request!

You could manually attach a RadContextMenu to the Gantt tasks:
<telerik:RadContextMenu runat="server" ID="ContextMenu1">
        <telerik:RadMenuItem Text="All Devices" Value="allDevices" />
        <telerik:RadMenuItem Text="Phone" Value="phoneP"/>
    function pageLoad() {
        $telerik.$('.rgtTask').mousedown(function (e) {
            if (e.button == 2) {
                var contextMenu = $find("<%= ContextMenu1.ClientID %>");
                return false;
            return true;

and implement the desired custom logic.

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