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Created on: 02 Jul 2015 09:21
Category: TreeView
Type: Bug Report
TreeView keyboard navigation selects invisible nodes
Keyboard navigation for the RadTreeView control should neglect  invisible nodes when deciding which node to select based on user navigation.

To know what I mean, please try the following:
- Navigate to the example at

- In the console of the developer tools of your browser, type the following:

This will hide the "Calendar" tree node.

- Using your mouse, click on the "Mailbox - John Smith" root node.

- Press the ↓ key once. Notice how the selection disappears, while it should have gone to the "Contacts" node.

- Type the following in the console:

The console prints "false" which means that the currently selected node is invisible, which is a wrong behaviour.

- Press ↓ once again, and the "Contacts" node will be selected.

This problem annoys me because I have a situation where I hide tree nodes based on what the user types in a filter text box. After the user filters the tree and tries to navigate using the keyboard, the procedure becomes weird.
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Posted on: 31 Jul 2015 07:12
In order to skip a node in keyboard navigation, it should be disabled. You may apply set_enabled(false) to the respective item. Thus, keyboard navigation would skip the item and jump to the next one. You could combine this setting with hiding the item and you should observe the desired behavior.