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Last Updated: 06 Jan 2016 15:44 by Vasu
Created on: 30 Jun 2015 16:16
Category: ClientExportManager
Type: Feature Request
radclientexportManager integration with PDF Proccessing
Client Export Manager currently exports the WYSWG and currently does not include page resizing. A great change to this control would be to include the ability to define the page size and content alignment.

When this was asked during the webinar, the recommendation was to not use the Export Manager and instead do my own coding of the export to PDF using the PDF Processing tools.

Rather than coding the PDF conversion whole cloth, if the Client Export Manager should generate the PDF and pass it off to PDF Processing for fine-grain control over page size.
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Posted on: 06 Jan 2016 15:44
If the document processing is the way going forward all controls PDF export should be handled by document processing libraries.  Starting with Editor.  As we do more complex projects that include creating books in PDF using Telerik controls this feature makes it stand apart from the rest.