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Created on: 15 Jan 2015 07:20
Category: CloudUpload
Type: Feature Request
Adding a client side upload for azure blob
The existing RadCloudUpload uses Azure SDK to transfer the files across to the blob. This will lead to an upload handler then upload the files to the server. The problem with this is that to upload a large file it till take a long. Is there any chance to add functionality to send files from client side? The azure now support CORS support which enables us to upload the files faster with no intervention from the server. This will be a knockout.

 Is there any chance to avoid these handlers and sent it directly to the server. The handler i think is making the uploader extremely slow as compared to the direct uploads from clients like "Azure Storage Explorer 6". Now there is cors support for Azure.
It will be nice to see a tool which does direct upload like. flajaxian http://www.flajaxian.com/flajaxian.com/DirectAmazonUploader1.0Help.html.

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Kevin J
Posted on: 18 Jan 2017 18:32
I agree.  The current implementation of RadCloudUpload leaves a lot to be desired because it is dividing up the files and reassembling them, which can lead to problems with large file sizes.  

It would be significantly better to upload the files to Blob storage directly from the client.  This would remove the need to split up the files into chunks and greatly improve performance.  It would also save processing cycles on the server.