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Created on: 14 Nov 2014 11:34
Category: Calendar
Type: Feature Request
Add manual time setting controls to TimeView popup to allow user to accurately set time
An issue our clients have raised is that the Timeview popup only allows them to set a time in 30 minute intervals, this is not accurate enough when setting a schedule for an operation to occur.

Decreasing the time intervals displayed in the TimeView popup is not really viable as the popup would require a large screen area to display 24hrs in 5 minute intervals.

Please can you add additional controls to the TimeView popup to allow the user to accurately set the time. I have attached a screenshot of my current solution, when the timeview opens I set the manual entry controls to display the current time and using these controls the user can pick 1-12 for the hour, 0-59 for the minuters and AM/PM for the time of day, when clicking the SET button the timeview popup sets the time and closes.

I do feel that this would make a far more flexiable control.

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