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Marin Bratanov
Created on: 13 Oct 2014 09:49
Category: Window
Type: Bug Report
IMPROVE RadWindows should have their final z-index during animations as well
At present, RadWindows do not have a z-index during animations so they may get hidden behind other elements on the page.
The animation should be performed with the final z-index being already set to the RadWindow's popup element.
Posted on: 22 Jun 2015 13:16
Hi Ryan,

Thank you very much for your constructive feedback, which is really appreciated!

I raised the issue priority and we will work on it during next week. The improvement will be shipped with the Q2 2015 SP1 release.

Best regards,
Posted on: 22 Jun 2015 12:47
We ran into this quite a bit using the RadWindows. There is no use in the animation if they will not render properly with other Telerik controls.

1. The animations clearly look to be buggy acting like this.

2. The animations could cause confusion to users.

3. All of these Telerik Controls from the same suite of tools should work together right away without any fiddling. At least that was the perception I was under. However, it appears that some of the features of some of these controls were never intended to work with other Telerik controls from the same package. It seems that these animations were only intended to work in a stand alone fashion without any other Telerik controls being used on the page.

4. Is this a problem with the Telerik testing plans? It seems like no unit testing was done on these animations with other controls. Part of the reason we pay the licensing fees for these controls is because they are well tested and proven. We would hope and expect that there are hundreds if not thousands of unit tests for each control. THis is something common to Open Source controls directly competing with Telerik and that is mere volunteer work. As an example....

There are a number of issues with the RadWindow that make it a difficult choice for me. Issues that probably belong in another thread similar to this one.

We defend Telerik quite a bit and we are pretty dedicated to your company. But we expect better work here. We really hope to see things improve soon.