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Created on: 20 Aug 2014 13:01
Category: Diagram
Type: Feature Request
Add html encoded text
I'm looking at using RadDiagrams for a dynamic workflow flow dashboard.  I'd like to be able to format the text inside the shape with underlines, bolds and line feeds, etc.  I'd like to see something implemented like in the report text box where you can pass in an HTML encoded string and when it's displayed it renders it as HTML.

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Posted on: 29 Jul 2016 10:54
You can use the ContentSettings and Html attribute to apply HTML formatting to the diagram shapes:

<telerik:RadDiagram ID="Diagram1" runat="server">
                <telerik:DiagramShape Id="s1">
                    <ContentSettings Html="<b>Header</b><br/><u>Items</u>" />