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Created on: 15 Jul 2014 06:20
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Type: Feature Request
the new radgrid filter checkbox list populates the lists using a global event. Populate the lists using the Datasource or provide one event per column
The new RadGrid Filtering (Checkbox list) is great, but...
1) it will be great if, upon RadGrid Databinding, the filter gets a list of unique value for that column: that is, most of the time, how we populate the checklist.
2) Today, there's one Event "OnfilterCheckListItemsRequested" that is fired whenever a listbox needs to gets its list. Then you have to put in the event Handler the logic to find out which column called, and give back the specific column checkbox filtering list.
IMO, each column should have a distinct EventHandler for this. 
And BTW, if in the same radgrid you mix the new filter and the old ones, the old ones get an empty box instead of the default filters with option "FilterType=checklist"
Even if you choose filterType=Combined, there's a difference with the standard 'Filter way': instead of having directly the filters, you got to pass thru a single menu "filter options" to find the filter menu.
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