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Created on: 14 May 2014 17:25
Category: Spell
Type: Bug Report
Close link appear when Css is disabled for RadSpell Dialog
Our Client requirement is to hide the X Close button on RadSpell Dialog. 

Added below code to hide from CSS which works fine:

 .RadWindow_Default .rwControlButtons A
            display: none !important;
.RadWindow .rwControlButtons A
            display: none !important;

Now the requirement is when CSS is disabled, user should not see the Close link.

"There is a 'Close' link that appears when CSS is disabled within the dialog. This link does not appear on the page with CSS enabled. Please find the attachment.

Is there any way we can hide/disable this X Close link/button from JavaScript or CodeBehind.

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Posted on: 15 May 2014 07:50

The purpose of the Feedback portal is to post feature requests for new functionality and controls or submit bug reports. 
In regards to this, please, post all customization related requests in the support ticketing system or the forums.

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