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Release R3 2023
Danail Vasilev
Created on: 07 May 2014 08:15
Category: HtmlChart
Type: Feature Request
ADD step property for the axes gridlines in RadHtmlChart
For the time being the property can be set through the underlying Kendo Chart widget. For example:

			function OnLoad(chart) {
				var widget = chart.get_kendoWidget();
				//also applies for the minor grid lines - replace majorGridLines with minorGridLines
				//Numeric series
				widget.options.xAxis.majorGridLines.step = 5;
				widget.options.yAxis.majorGridLines.step = 5;
				//Category series
				//widget.options.categoryAxis.majorGridLines.step = 5;
				//widget.options.valueAxis.majorGridLines.step = 5;
		<telerik:RadHtmlChart runat="server" ID="BubbleChart" Width="500" Height="400">
			<ClientEvents OnLoad="OnLoad" />
			<ChartTitle Text="Market Share Study">
					<FillStyle BackgroundColor="White"></FillStyle>
				<XAxis MinValue="0" MaxValue="100" Step="10">
					<MinorGridLines Visible="false" />
				<YAxis MinValue="0" MaxValue="100" Step="10">
					<MinorGridLines Visible="false" />
						<Appearance FillStyle-BackgroundColor="#6ab2c9">
						<TooltipsAppearance DataFormatString="Percentage of Market Share: {2}%<br /> Number of products: {0}<br /> Sales: ${1}" />
							<telerik:BubbleSeriesItem Size="3" X="5" Y="55" />
							<telerik:BubbleSeriesItem Size="12" X="14" Y="80" />
							<telerik:BubbleSeriesItem Size="33" X="20" Y="60" />
							<telerik:BubbleSeriesItem Size="10" X="18" Y="24" />
							<telerik:BubbleSeriesItem Size="42" X="22" Y="32" />
				<Appearance Position="Right"></Appearance>
Danail Vasilev
Posted on: 16 Apr 2015 13:04
Hi B Bhaskar, you can use the kendo widget (i.e., _chartObject) in order to configure the chart on the client through the kendo widget. More information on these properties is available in the Kendo UI Chart API -
Posted on: 13 May 2014 14:05
Hi Team,
 Thank you for your support,
                                           what is the use of below properties ,can you please elaborate  more because when i try in debug i didn't get any properties to majorGridLines except visibilty.Can i know the Value of MajorTickValue?
chart._chartObject.options.xAxis.majorGridLines.step = 5;                chart._chartObject.options.yAxis.majorGridLines.step = 5;