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Created on: 17 Jan 2014 18:22
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Skin css and images not loading dll problem

We have a problem when publishing our appplication with Telerik.  After publishing the page that uses a RadGrid and any Skin (doesn't matter if it's Default or Black or Windows7) the Skin files do not load.  The Grid loads, it seems that the javascript files load (because the calendar works), but the css and the images that are part of the skins do not load and therefore the grid looks bare (attached partial screenshot).

When we publish the application, we do it through Maven (which takes the Telerik dlls from an Archiva repository, in our company we are required to publish using it).   When we don't use Maven/Archiva to publish then the page comes our fine and everything looks nice.  When we publish using Maven/Archiva, the skin files do not load on the page.  

So something is preventing the skins files (css and images) from loading correctly on the screen. 

The only thing we noticed is that when publishing using Maven/Archiva the DLL file attributes (Date modified and Date created) gets reset to current date time.

The dlls that we are using are:

Telerik.Web.UI.dll (ver 2013.3.1114.40)
Telerik.Web.UI.Skins.dll (ver 2013.3.1114.40)

We took the dlls after publishing using Maven/Archiva and compared them to the dlls that we downloaded from Telerik and the dlls are identical.  The only thing changed was the Date created/Date modified.  If that's the reason why the css/images don't load correctly, then it's a big problem for us.  Please look into this issue for us.

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Posted on: 17 Mar 2015 08:27
We kindly ask you to post your technical questions/problems in the support ticketing system ( as this is the best way to reach our support staff - the support system assigns a response time for all of your questions, depending on your license and ensures that all questions will reach the respective developers, if needed. Alternatively, you can ask the community for help by posting your question in the online forums ( We try to monitor these requests as well, but we cannot guarantee they will be answered properly and in the expected timeframe.
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