Last Updated: 16 Jan 2014 10:03 by Joel Kraft
Joel Kraft
Created on: 16 Oct 2013 21:03
Category: Grid
Type: Feature Request
Provide a Global HeaderTemplate and FooterTemplate for RadGrid
I would like to see the RadGrid control have support for a global header and footer template row for the entire grid.

The header or footer would be rendered within a row inserted at the top or bottom of the grid, with styling consistent with the grid's skin.  It would actually be very similiar to CommandItemTemplate, but could be used with the default command rows and would apply to the very top and bottom of the grid, and not be part of the MasterTableView.  It would simply be to anchor something to the top or bottom of the grid with a consistent look, feel, and width of the rest of the grid.

<TELERIK:RadGrid Runat="server">
Whatever I want to put here would be placed in it's own row at the very top of the grid and it would be automatically styled consistent with the Grid's skin.  I could put controls in here and they would bubble through the grid (and it's AJAX functionality, if anything is enabled). 
<MasterTableView ... />
Same here, except it goes at the bottom of the grid.

In the example image I attached, the bottom row with "Primary Service Completed" is not actually part of the grid, but we used some CSS to make it look like it was... but that particular CSS is fragile if we ever changed the global skin on the site or for the Grid in particular.  That is what I might want to put in the FooterTemplate.
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