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Created on: 24 Sep 2013 15:21
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radDateTimePicker rendering issue on IE 9. UI is screwed on first load
Reported & Replicated so far on IE 9.
I have an user control containing 2 RadDateTimePickers.

The UI gets screwed on IE 9 on first load. (Screenshot attached) Icons become available when we click on Calander icon link for 2-3 times and then after it is available on subsequent loads in same scenario.

I am the one who recommended Telerik in my team and our implementation is pending just because of this as many of our clients use IE 9. Please fix ASAP or suggest simple work around.

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Posted on: 26 Sep 2013 14:05
I have attached the demo to replicate the issue.

Please add AJAX, Telerik DLL references to the solution as suggested in the Steps.txt and follow the steps to replicate the issue.

I hope that helps.
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