Last Updated: 11 Sep 2013 14:56 by Philip
Created on: 03 Sep 2013 19:37
Category: Editor
Type: Bug Report
radeditor outdent
Encountering an issue within RadEditor while using Ordered Lists.  Some of the list items are re-numbered incorrectly and there are general issues while performing the Outdent command.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Copy all text from the source document (attached)
2. Paste into the RadEditor's HTML mode
3. Switch back to Design mode.
4. Bring the cursor to just before the S in the text "START HERE" in the third nested ordered list.
5. Hit the Outdent button, fine so far.
6. Take note of the item "THIS ITEM MOVES LISTS"
7. Hit the Outdent button again. The item "THIS ITEM MOVES LISTS" is no longer a child node of "Back-dent!"

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