Last Updated: 01 Nov 2013 13:06 by Bill Rader
Bill Rader
Created on: 05 Aug 2013 14:36
Category: UI for ASP.NET AJAX
Type: Bug Report
RadNumericTextBox auto complete box is not aligned with the control on IE 9
(I didn't find RadNumericTextBox in the category)
Telerik version - 2011.1.614.35

Auto complete box floats at a distant place, away from the RadNumericTextBox.
i.  The auto complete of IE 9 is on, enter some number, save the form.
ii.  Again open the form, focus on the numeric text box. The auto complete box seen is  not aligned with the control.
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Bill Rader
Posted on: 06 Aug 2013 05:51
Please ignore, I have created a ticket for it.