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Created on: 26 Jul 2013 06:44
Category: Scheduler
Type: Bug Report
RadScheduler Client-Side Script OnClientAppointmentMoving TargetSlot Start Time Incorrect
When moving from 2.611.45 to the latest 2.717.45 ASP.NET AJAX binaries, we are experiencing a problem with the client-side drag ('move') of appointments.

Repro steps:
* Unpack the attached MVC project (bare-bones...does web-service binding on an XML document). Run the project (just go to the /Home/Index action). You should see the RadScheduler there.
* Create an appointment of AT LEAST 90 MINUTES duration. This should succeed.
* Drag the appointment up/down. I have included a piece of sample JavaScript which prints out the eventArgs.get_targetSlot().get_startTime() value. 

Expected results:
* The logged value coincides with the visual position of the start of the appointment while it is being dragged.

Actual results:
* The logged value is offset by a constant amount compared to what is being shown on the Scheduler during the drag. For example, the appointment will appear to be shown at 12:00 but the value retrieved in script will be 12:30.

This only seems to be reproducible for appointments of 90 minutes or longer. It does not occur with your 2.611.45 binaries.

I noticed that you guys changed your implementation of client-side methods like _startDrag, _raiseMoveEnd, _finishDrag etc in this latest might have something to do with that, but I didn't have time to go debugging your script.

(Note: The attached zip is only a zip of the cleaned project file. The only non-standard MVC4 assemblies are your Telerik assemblies, so you'll just have to fix up the path to those so that the project builds.)
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Posted on: 28 Nov 2013 18:07
This is still a problem in the latest binaries (2013.3.1114.45). This is frustrating for our business: we purchased a subscription yet cannot upgrade to the latest version of the controls due to this issue. We would appreciate it if you could prioritise this.