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Marin Bratanov
Created on: 18 Jul 2013 12:54
Category: Window
Type: Feature Request
FIX get_left() and get_top() return the current location of RadWindow with RenderMode=Ligthweight instead of the Left and Top server properties
With the classic render mode this allows the developer to always position the popup according to a given target with a given offset.
With the lightweight render mode the current bounds are returned instead of the offsets set by the developer.

The following example always shows a RadWindow according to its offset element instead of only the first time:
						oWindow = $find("<%=winTest2.ClientID%>");;
						if (oWindow.get_offsetElementID())
							offsetElementBounds = $telerik.getBounds($get(oWindow.get_offsetElementID()));
							oWindow.moveTo(offsetElementBounds.x + oWindow.get_left(), offsetElementBounds.y + oWindow.get_top());
This will not work as expected with the Lightweight render mode, because the popup will move additionally with its width and height.