Last Updated: 04 Sep 2013 15:13 by ADMIN
Marin Bratanov
Created on: 24 Jun 2013 12:58
Category: Editor
Type: Bug Report
FIX the appearance of floating toolbars in RadEditor with LightWeight RenderMode
The floating toolbars do not appear properly with the new RadWindow Lightweight rendermode. They are too short, backgrounds are missing and sizes are incorrect, so buttons are misaligned and/or overlapping.

A workaround is avoiding the lightweight rendermode of RadWindow through the web.config. Add the following in the <appSettings>:
*<add key="Telerik.Web.UI.RenderMode" value="Lightweight" />*

and other RadWindows that need LightWeight rendering (but they must not be on the same page, or masterPage-contentPage-userControl combination) can have their own RenderMode property set to Lightweight.