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Created on: 13 Jun 2013 17:03
Category: UI for ASP.NET AJAX
Type: Bug Report
FIX When using custom skins assembly, to change hardcoded "Telerik.Web.UI.Skins.dll" references in "Telerik.Web.UI.dll"
Some references to skin resource files are hardcoded in Telerik.Web.UI.dll and don't depend of the web.config/appSetting "Telerik.Web.SkinsAssembly". The result is when you use a custom Skins Assembly and a Telerik control uses these hardcoded references on resource files, these resource files are not displayed because Telerik.Web.UI.dll is searching a resource file for a control as "Telerik.Web.UI.Skins.<Skin Name>.<Control>.<Resource filename>" and not as expected "<Skin Assembly Name>.<Skin Name>.<Control>.<Resource filename>.

It happens in the following controls:
- RadGrid: Only the column GridEditCommandColumn ButtonType="ImageButton" gives a invalid references on resource files for Edit.gif, Update.gif, Cancel.gif.
- RadDataPager: Images of SEO buttons, like PagingFirst.gif, etc.

The requested fix: to test if web.config/appSettings "Telerik.Web.SkinsAssembly" is available and not empty, and if yes, to use its value in place of the hardcoded "Telerik.Web.UI.Skins.dll".
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Posted on: 21 Jun 2022 09:41
Declined due to a lack of enough interest in this improvement.