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Created on: 04 Jun 2013 07:26
Category: Calendar
Type: Bug Report
raddatepicker misinterprets date entries in ISO 8601
From my point of view the RadDatePicker misinterprets date entries in ISO 8601 format.

The result of DateTime.Parse("2013-11-12") is "12. November 2013" for every culture setting (correct).

If i enter "2013-11-12" (yyyy-mm-dd) into the RadDatePicker textbox the result is "11. Dezember 2013" (wrong).

It should be possible to enter a date in the culture specific notation as well as according to ISO standard.

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Deyan Enchev
Posted on: 17 Oct 2013 11:34
It is good to have in mind that these date format patterns are case-sensitive. The following link shows all of the valid patterns for RadControls:

In addition in your example if you replace the "mm" with "MM" you can verify that ISO 8601 is fully supported by the RadDatePicker.