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Created on: 18 Mar 2013 05:27
Category: UI for ASP.NET AJAX
Type: Bug Report
WebMethod GetData - not invoked
Regarding: Client-side Binding, Programmatic Binding

Attempted to perform Client-side Binding to reduce sort and filtering network traffic, using this example as the basis of my work.

I could not get the server-side public static GetData method to get invoked (and stop on a source code break-point), regardless what I tried.

However, I would get a runtime error immediately if I comment out the GetData method entirely.

The example code on the Telerik website cannot be downloaded and relies on a SQL Server database (cannot find a way of examining working code -- e.g. hardcoded values that are returned from GetData static WebMethod).

Would really like to get client-side data-binding working, but am unsure how to proceed.

NOTE: I also tried enabling DataBinding > EnableCaching, but break-point on NeedDataSource still got hit when gridview data was sorted or filtered (and I want sorting and filtering to occur client-side).

RadGrid version 2013.1.220.40
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Posted on: 21 Jan 2015 11:44
We are not able to replicate such issue on our end. I would recommend you to test your project with our latest version. You can also review  our ClientDataSource control and verify if it fit to your scenario. In case some issue arise, I will encourage you to open a regular support ticket.