Last Updated: 17 Oct 2013 12:50 by ADMIN
Created on: 08 Mar 2013 16:05
Category: Calendar
Type: Feature Request
Allow the RadDatePicker to add to the datetime formats
It would be nice to be able to add to the standard date time formats that the RadDatePicker allows.  I don't want to override the standard formats, just add custom formats (ex: ddhhmm MMM yy)
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Deyan Enchev
Posted on: 17 Oct 2013 12:50
The RadDatePicker will accept custom format patterns in case you would like having them. 
Here is a javascript function that can be used in order to achieve that:

function ValueChanged(sender, args) {
           sender.set_textBoxValue(args.get_newDate().format("ddhhmm MMM yy"));