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Release Q1 2015
Marin Bratanov
Created on: 21 Feb 2013 12:29
Category: Editor
Type: Bug Report
FIX Text in anchors that have layout cannot be updated through the HyperLink Manager
The problem is reproducible when the selected element has a CSS property applied that enables the hasLayout feature of the element under IE.

When an anchor hasLayout we cannot properly select it. The hyperlink manager shows the text, but modifying it is not carried to the actual markup. 

CSS properties that trigger hasLayout in IE:

CSS property	Value
display	inline-block
height	any value
float	left or right
position	absolute
width	any value
-ms-writing-mode	tb-rl
zoom	any value
Posted on: 11 Nov 2014 09:58
Not reproducible in Q3 2014. 
Posted on: 20 Mar 2013 01:07
Any update on the progress of this bug fix?
Posted on: 21 Feb 2013 23:26
I was previously using 2012.3.1016.40, and was having a similar problem in IE. The link text would not update, however the new text that I entered would appear after the </a> (i.e. <a href="#">Old link text</a>new link text). Upgrading to 2013.1.220.40 removed the extra text at the end of the link, however still does not update the original link text as described in my bug report.

Also, either a combination of the old Telerik controls, or my CSS changes resulted in the same behaviour as above (the new text that I entered would appear after the </a>) in Chrome 24.0.1312.57.