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Created on: 19 Dec 2012 12:11
Category: Grid
Type: Bug Report
Radgrid Filtering - does not recognize "%" (percent symbol)
While filtering in Radgrid column and using special character "%" it is not searching using "%", simply searching by other text.

Suppose we are filtering using "30%", but the results are shown as it is only 30. 
While debugging I found out that the used sql query becomes like following

like '%30%%'

In this the percentage symbol just after 30 is the symbol passed from UI but query considers as if we are looking for 30.
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Posted on: 20 Jan 2015 15:47
We have some reports about a similar issue, however we are not able to replicate the problem locally. I will encourage you to open a regular support ticket. Providing a small runnable project will help us further elaborate the issue and get back to you with more straight to the point answers. Also you can review the following forum thread:  .