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RadDataGrid - IndexOutOfRangeException

RadDataGrid - IndexOutOfRangeException can appen

Acording the stack trace, MeasureVertically seems to call UpdateAverageLength with a bad endIndex.

I use the last published version of Telerik UI for Windows 8 (2016.1.113.45)

Please could you investigate if a check can be added to avoid IndexOutOfRange

Index was outside the bounds of the array.
Stack Trace:
at Telerik.UI.Xaml.Controls.Grid.IndexStorage.ValueForIndex(Int32 index, Boolean approximate)
at Telerik.Data.Core.Layouts.CompactLayout.UpdateAverageLength(Int32 startIndex, Int32 endIndex)
at Telerik.UI.Xaml.Controls.Grid.NodePool`2.MeasureVertically(RadSize availableSize, Double offset)
at Telerik.UI.Xaml.Controls.Grid.NodePool`2.OnMeasure(RadSize availableSize, Double offset, Int32 frozenElementsCount)
at Telerik.UI.Xaml.Controls.Grid.Model.GridModel.MeasureCells(RadSize newAvailableSize)
at Telerik.UI.Xaml.Controls.Grid.RadDataGrid.OnCellsPanelMeasure(RadSize newAvailableSize)
at Telerik.UI.Xaml.Controls.Grid.Primitives.DataGridCellsPanel.MeasureOverride(Size availableSize)
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petitponey mort

RadDatagrid Vertical scroll issue

When scrolling down to current selection item or using RadDataGrid.ScrollItemIntoView(obj) or using the down-arrow/enter keys, the last item is always truncated.

Maybe "Telerik.UI.Xaml.Controls.Grid.Model.GridModel.IsIndexInView()" method is buggy, it should return true when the item is fully visible.

This reproduce also in the Telerik Examples app
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Alan Anderson

support binding to DateTimeOffsets in your RadTimePicker and RadDatePicker

support binding to DateTimeOffset structures in your RadTimePicker and RadDatePicker
Feature Request by Alan Anderson Status: New Comments: 3 Last update: 2015-11-16T21:49:11 by Cory Robinson
Alex Sorokoletov

combobox for xaml please

Please do combobox for XAML (It's now available for HTML only :( )
Feature Request by Alex Sorokoletov Status: New Comments: 3 Last update: 2015-06-30T13:34:06 by Ravindra Lulla
Pascal Hobus

Map Chart Control

A map chart control would offer greate value to the end users. Today it is of big interest to bring your data in context with geographic coordinates. For example it would be greate to have a kind of a charting control in which you could load your map (e.g. in ESRI shapefile format or similar) and then display your data points on it. It is very important to make this customizable as for one a world map is needed while as for others a local map of the country or even of the state or province is of more interest.

In my particular case I want a map of Switzerland to which I can add my own overlays. A logistics company can then track their trucks on it while I am providing more details of each truck.
Idea by Pascal Hobus Status: Completed Comments: 2 Last update: 2015-06-24T07:21:34 by BilgiBiz Software
Rieni De Rijke

RadMap Control

We would like to have a Map-control having the same features as the (wpf) Radmap with tough and swipe possibilities.
Feature Request by Rieni De Rijke Status: Completed Comments: 1 Last update: 2015-06-24T07:21:10 by BilgiBiz Software
Beray Benteşen


I can not add Map for Windows 8.1 store Project. I did everything same with documentation. Can u help ?
Problem by Beray Benteşen Status: New Comments: 1 Last update: 2015-06-23T08:37:49 by BilgiBiz Software
Juan Carlos Camacho

Drag & drop for cells

Is it possible to drag the content or a cell and drop it to another cell?
Problem by Juan Carlos Camacho Status: New Comments: 0 Last update: 2015-06-17T08:02:28 by Juan Carlos Camacho
Rosy Topchiyska
Team Member

XAML: Frozen columns in RadDataGrid

Provide RadDataGrid support for freezing columns.
Feature Request by Rosy Topchiyska Status: Completed Comments: 12 Last update: 2015-04-03T14:07:54 by Rosy Topchiyska
Paul Mason

Cloud-Powered Controls

Would it be possible to include the cloud controls found in UI for Windows Phone in the UI for Windows 8 package?
Feature Request by Paul Mason Status: New Comments: 0 Last update: 2014-09-12T08:46:25 by Paul Mason
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