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Created by: Eric
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Type: Feature Request
Ensure that traffic from the Brave web browser is properly categorized by the traffic filtering system in the status bar.
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Hi guys. 

I investigate responses from . And Fiddler is tool for this.

But now I need  logs from Fiddler for 2-5 days and compare responses.

Fiddler grabs a lot of memory during 1 day and may cause my PC out of memory.


Automate autosaving saz files 4 hours with time-date in saz name, clear capture dialog and do it in the loop each next 4 hours.


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I'm using Fiddler [Oct-03-19] v5.0.20194.41348 on Windows 7 Enterprise. There's no way to disable the 'Get Started' panel on startup. 'Show on startup' is not checked but it still shows. Also it doesn't look very good. Also it downloads javascript and other stuff via http unencrypted from, and I'd like to stop that.


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Created by: Stephan
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Type: Feature Request
HTTP/2 has been a standard since mid-2015.   All major browsers support it,  but adoption is slow because there no good debugging tools.    I want to take advantage of pipelining, server push, etc that comes with HTTP/2 which makes it easier to adopt packages like gRPC.    Having a good debugging story (both capture as well as insertion / modification) would make this more possible
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I want to capture traffic from a Chrome Incognito window only.

When I click the 'pick target' button on the toolbar and point it at the Chrome window it picks up some particular process from chrome, but that does not seem to be the one from where network requests are sent from.

Looking at Chrome's Task Manager and comparing with what Fiddler shows, Fiddler is picking up the "Browser" process, while requests are coming from the "Utility: Network Service" process, thus the difference.

An acceptable solution for this would be if we could enter the process ID manually in the UI, instead of using the target picker.




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Fiddler is a great tool & Composer an excellent feature of it.  I frequently have to reboot my dev. PC  for various reasons (actually it crashes a lot) and loosing my Composer URL history is a painful consequence.  Could the URL history be retained between invocations?  I use a set of about a dozen different endpoints frequentl, so a history size of 12-20 would likely be enough.

It would be even better if the last used request header and/or body and/or type (POST/GET/..) and/or Protocol (HTTP/1.1 etc.) for each URL could also be saved but perhaps that is asking too much.

 Bless you for making this tool. 

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Hello Sir , 

            I've discovered the security bug which is Bypassing UAC in Fiddler Software . any reward or acknowledgement in bug report program ? 


Sai Wynn Myat. (@404death)

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It would be great to have an option in the textWizard to convert an epoch date to a human-readable date.

Like: 1530417600 to "GMT: Tuesday 13 August 2019 08:32:48"


It would be great to have 2 options:

- convert epoch time to human readable time (GMT timezone)

- convert epoch time to human readable time (Local timezone)


Thanks for creating one of the most useful tools ever!

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Created by: Jonny
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Type: Feature Request


Is there any way to disable underlining of URL in Raw Inspector tab? It is very annoying when you try to copy part of the request but in fact open the link in the browser instead.

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As subject means,oSession["x-OverrideGateway"] does not work with https sessions.Ive searched google and docs of fiddler.none of them can solve this,and i've tried such as oSession["x-OverrideGateway"] = "https=",but it just causes errors.By setting oSession["x-OverrideGateway"] = "",all http session works fine,but https session will just bypass this setting and go through can i deal with it?thx for your reply.
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Hello sir, 

         I've discovered the security bug with is privilege escalation bug via DLL sideloading.

please check it for more details:



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Created by: Antonio
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Type: Bug Report

Fiddler crashes sometimes with this message:

No se puede obtener acceso al objeto desechado.

Nombre del objeto: 'WinHttpAutoProxy'.

Type: System.ObjectDisposedException
Source: Fiddler
   en “.Ÿœ.ƒ•(String •, String& ‘‰, String& ”) en C:\JenkinsHome\jobs\FiddlerReleaseBuild\workspace\FiddlerCore\PlatformExtensions\Windows\FiddlerCore.PlatformExtensions.Windows.Shared\WinHttpAutoProxy.cs:línea 52
   en .‚•.œ(String –, IPEndPoint& žœ) en C:\JenkinsHome\jobs\FiddlerReleaseBuild\workspace\Fiddler2\Common\Core\AutoProxy.cs:línea 142
   en Fiddler.Proxy.FindGatewayForOrigin(String sURIScheme, String sHostAndPort) en C:\JenkinsHome\jobs\FiddlerReleaseBuild\workspace\Fiddler2\Common\Core\Proxy.cs:línea 805
   en Fiddler.ServerChatter.Œ() en C:\JenkinsHome\jobs\FiddlerReleaseBuild\workspace\Fiddler2\Common\Core\ServerChatter.cs:línea 1056
   en Fiddler.ServerChatter.‹Œ(AsyncCallback ŒŒ) en C:\JenkinsHome\jobs\FiddlerReleaseBuild\workspace\Fiddler2\Common\Core\ServerChatter.cs:línea 932
   en Fiddler.Session.‘() en C:\JenkinsHome\jobs\FiddlerReleaseBuild\workspace\Fiddler2\Common\Core\Session.cs:línea 3638
   en Fiddler.Session.œ™(IAsyncResult Œ) en C:\JenkinsHome\jobs\FiddlerReleaseBuild\workspace\Fiddler2\Common\Core\Session.cs:línea 3649
   en Fiddler.ServerChatter.ŽŒ() en C:\JenkinsHome\jobs\FiddlerReleaseBuild\workspace\Fiddler2\Common\Core\ServerChatter.cs:línea 1518
   en Fiddler.ServerChatter.Œ() en C:\JenkinsHome\jobs\FiddlerReleaseBuild\workspace\Fiddler2\Common\Core\ServerChatter.cs:línea 1472
   en Fiddler.ServerChatter.‹Œ(AsyncCallback ŒŒ) en C:\JenkinsHome\jobs\FiddlerReleaseBuild\workspace\Fiddler2\Common\Core\ServerChatter.cs:línea 932
   en Fiddler.Session.‘() en C:\JenkinsHome\jobs\FiddlerReleaseBuild\workspace\Fiddler2\Common\Core\Session.cs:línea 3638
   en Fiddler.Session.(Object ) en C:\JenkinsHome\jobs\FiddlerReleaseBuild\workspace\Fiddler2\Common\Core\Session.cs:línea 3426

Fiddler v5.0.20173.50948 (x86 x86) [.NET 4.0.30319.42000 on Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1] 

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When right-clicking a session and going into the "Filter Now" context menu, there's a filter option at the bottom which filters by Content-Type. Very useful. However, when using Fiddler's ALT-click function on the session list, ALT-clicking on a particular session's Content-Type column value (in order to select all sessions with that same content-type), it factors in subsequent content-type parameters as a unique content-type.

For example, if back-to-back sessions for a particular website were content-types "application/json" followed by "application/json; charset=utf-8", ALT-clicking on one of their content-type entries in the Content-Type column would not select the other, since ALT-click would view them as different content-types. However, if you right-click either of them and Filter-Now by its content-type (application/json), this will filter both sessions despite the additional parameter appended onto the content-type of the latter session -- this is the more useful methodology, in my opinion.

The Filter-Now rule as it stands is the most/more useful of the two methods, since base content-type is almost always what's most important (in my experience).

Can the ALT-click functionality on Content-Type column values mirror the Filter-Now functionality in only looking at base Content-Type of a session? It would be most useful if so, especially since "charsets" can vary so widely/dynamically across sites, when trying to quickly hone-select on all sessions with application/json (or similar), for example.

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Created by: Mihai
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Type: Feature Request

Would really appreciate a proper machine based installation again, user-based installs are difficult to manage in corporate/enterprise environments & the psuedo machine install of redirecting install folder & creating new shortcuts isn't great, especially if as you mention yourself extensions wont work.

I understand the advantage of not needing admin rights to install programs, but surely most of the targeted audience for this application would either A) have admin rights, or B) be in a managed environment with deployment software in use (and potentially white-listing/App Control software preventing unauthorized apps to run anyway)

Pending Review
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Run 1 Example 1 (first 32 characters): {"SummaryTracker":null,"Column1

Run 2 Example 2 (first 32 characters):  ¢ €ªªªêÿteÐ(È„´47ó ¯*·:˜y@X


if (oSession.uriContains("/yadayada?Id=")) 
var qs = oSession.fullUrl.ToString;
var qsT = oSession.fullUrl.Split("=");
var qsone = qsT[1] + "_ABC";
oSession.SaveResponseBody("C:\\temp\\" + qsone + ".json");

Using latest Chrome as browser. Running fine for many months until 1 November 2019, Boom! Can anyone tell me what is going on? It appears to be random.


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For Fiddler to be able to recognize the Edge Chromium process.

To add the Context Menu to Auto replay from the Ribbon Bar where we see the IE Icon and by right click in the request frame to replay it.


The first screenshot shows where I would like to see the Edge Chromium listed under.

The second illustration, shows the Context menu Revisit In option.


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Last Updated: 06 Nov 2019 01:28 by S
Scheduled for Fiddler for Windows vNext

Once a program has been "Filter now"ed via the context menu, if that filter is later deleted from down bottom, that program can no longer be "Filter Now"ed again; nothing happens.

It's as if program filtering is only given one opportunity to be "Filter Now"ed. Once that's happened, even if they filter gets deleted, the program isn't given another opportunity to be Filter Now'ed.

Last Updated: 31 Oct 2019 09:31 by ADMIN

"Target Any Process" feature no longer working with Chrome. It used to work but no longer works specifically with Chrome. Still works with other processes. Capturing still works with Chrome as long as I am not using the "Target Any Process" feature.

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Scheduled for Fiddler for Windows vNext

Describe the bug
"Get Started" tab resizes badly when the font size is increased, making headings like "Start", "Recent" invisible or with vertically arranged letters.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Change font size to 14 from Tools -> Options -> Appearance -> Font Size
  2. Limit the space available for the tabs by moving the vertical splitter to the right
  3. The text in the headings starts to layout vertically

Expected behavior
Get Started should look good on all available font sizes and Windows scaling settings.


  • Version 5.0.20194.41348
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