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Created by: Thomas
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I'm using Telerik Documents Processing 2023.1.410

With WordsProcessing, if I add a table in a footer it will automatically add a space after the table

Here an example, my table is the same size as my image in background and I removed all margin of the section:

Here the code:

Footer footer = section.Footers.Add(HeaderFooterType.Default)
section.PageMargins = new Padding(0,96,96,0);
section.FooterBottomMargin = 0;

Table table = footer.Blocks.AddTable();
TableRow row = table.Rows.AddTableRow();
TableCell cell = row.Cells.AddTableCell();
Paragraph paragraph = cell.Blocks.AddParagraph();


I didn't any properties to manage spaces around a Table like in Paragraph.

It can be reproduced without the image

Work around:

If I add a new paragraph at the end and remove all spaces of this paragraph then it works

Here the code added:

paragraph = footer.Blocks.AddParagraph();
paragraph.Spacing.SpacingAfter = 0;
paragraph.Spacing.SpacingBefore = 0;
paragraph.Spacing.LineSpacing = 0;


Hervouet Thomas

Last Updated: 06 Jun 2023 21:08 by John

The value of the TextBoxField is not visible until the field is clicked.

Workaround: Force content update:

foreach (var widget in textBoxField.Widgets)

If the update still doesn't fix the issue, change the font prior to setting the value of the field:

foreach (var widget in textBoxField.Widgets)
    widget.TextProperties.Font = FontsRepository.Helvetica;


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IndexOutOfRangeException thrown when executing CalculateMultidimensionalLinearInterpolationResult method of SampledFunction class.
In Development
Last Updated: 06 Jun 2023 11:22 by ADMIN
Invalid position when the TJ operator array contains empty values (<>).
In Development
Last Updated: 02 Jun 2023 11:11 by ADMIN

InvalidCastException is thrown when a name start character is followed by a literal string start character.

System.InvalidCastException: Unable to cast object of type 'Telerik.Windows.Documents.Fixed.FormatProviders.Pdf.Model.Types.PdfInt' to type 'Telerik.Windows.Documents.Fixed.FormatProviders.Pdf.Model.Types.PdfName'.

In Development
Last Updated: 02 Jun 2023 08:31 by ADMIN
Embedding a TrueType font collection using the FontsRepository.RegisterFont method leads to glyphs with empty outlines collection. The missing outlines are caused due to an empty glyf and loca tables of the TrueType font file.
In Development
Last Updated: 02 Jun 2023 06:26 by ADMIN
When using the PdfStreamWriter to write a PdfPageSource whose content has "Predictor 1" set as DecodeParms an error message is shown when opening the exported document with Adobe reader.
In Development
Last Updated: 02 Jun 2023 06:09 by ADMIN
Encrypting document with Interactive forms containing checkboxes exports the checkbox widget with invalid normal caption appearance and name value. After the document is visualized in Adobe Reader DC the exported checkboxes are displayed with different check mark symbol or none.
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Created by: Jaap-Jan
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Category: PdfProcessing
Type: Bug Report
Signature widgets are not imported correctly.
In Development
Last Updated: 01 Jun 2023 20:51 by ADMIN
When some character is not supported by the font, the fallback mechanism should try finding some other font that is capable of rendering the unsupported character. However, RadPdfProcessing fallback mechanism does not always find the correct font which sometimes result in wrong glyph visualization or in missing glyph.

Workaround: Font that supports these special characters may be used. This way the fallback mechanism will not be needed to export the PDF text.
In Development
Last Updated: 01 Jun 2023 20:31 by ADMIN
By specification, FitH destinations are defined with page and top position. A null value for top specifies that the current value of that parameter is to be retained unchanged. However, importing such a document with PdfProcessing leads to ArgumentOutOfRangeException:  'Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.
Parameter name: index'.
In Development
Last Updated: 01 Jun 2023 20:28 by ADMIN
Exception when the endstream is no on a new row 
In Development
Last Updated: 01 Jun 2023 19:59 by ADMIN
The calculations are wrong, leading to single lines split by the LineSpacing set. As a result, the content of the PDF document is laid out on a bigger number of pages.

Workaround: Change the LineSpacingType to HeightType.Auto.
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Last Updated: 01 Jun 2023 18:58 by ADMIN

When Separation color space with "name" set as None it is falling back to an "alternateSpace" (color space) instead.

From the Pdf specification:
A Separation color space is defined as follows:
[ /Separation name alternateSpace tintTransform ]


The None value is ignored and the color space fallbacks to the Lab color space.

In Development
Last Updated: 01 Jun 2023 18:46 by ADMIN
The appearance dictionary specifies how the annotation is presented visually on the page. If the appearance missing or is empty in PDF document NullReferenceException is thrown on import. 

In Development
Last Updated: 01 Jun 2023 18:39 by ADMIN
According to PDF specification, the field value should be specified in the "V" entry of the corresponding PDF dictionary. However, some PDF producers are skipping this entry and are setting only the Widgets appearance states. As most viewers manage to show the radio button and checkbox as selected, we should handle this scenario and import the field values based on the related widgets when this value is not explicitly set with the field's V entry.
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Created by: Deyan
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Category: PdfProcessing
Type: Bug Report
For some documents, the clippings and colors of the geometries are modified on an import-export scenario.
In Development
Last Updated: 01 Jun 2023 16:38 by ADMIN
When the bookmarks are declared as objects instead of a string they are not visible.
In Development
Last Updated: 01 Jun 2023 16:37 by ADMIN
Exporting a field with missing Appearances property causes exception
In Development
Last Updated: 01 Jun 2023 16:24 by ADMIN
InvalidCastException when importing link annotations that are referenced with indirect reference. 
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