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Noticed the exported styles for the Telerik Drawer for Blazor don't work and it's because it's adding a ".k-drawer-start" class to the overrides.

I updated the background color and text color of the selected state in Unite UX, exported it and it provided me with an _overrides.scss file which included an extra ".k-drawer-start" class that doesn't exist in the final rendered component in the DOM.

If I remove this class from the overrides they will be applied.

See attached screenshots.


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It seems the UniteUX app CSS is interfering with the actual render of different components.

For exemple :
the Button Group component sheet, the <div> containing each button is with a <k-button-group> class (see inspector attachement) which adds a box-shadow which can interfere (see buttongroup attachment)  with the render and can be interpreted as the developer has done something wrong with the component itself.