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Created by: zd
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Created by: Sven
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Hello Telerik Team,

Could you please let me know with which version of Fiddler core library HTTP/2 will be supported.

Many thanks, Sven

Won't Fix
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Created by: Sven
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Could you please let me know why the Fiddler core library is not supporting HTTP/2 yet. It is standard since a while and it shouldn't be a hard deal to get it implemented. If you want to be state of the art you should invest here.

Many thanks, Sven

Need More Info
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Created by: Albert
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I would like to be able  to export a WebTest directly from FiddlerCore using oSession.

Thank you.


Albert Zakhia


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Release FiddlerCore 5.0.0
Created by: Calvin
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I want to use PAC file., this way, if my proxy accidently quits without remove the proxy setting, the browser will be able to continue to work since it can't find the pac file, thus consider it "No proxy".


But When I set the flags, if I don't include: "RegisterAsSystemProxy", the PAC file will not registered.

If I DO include "RegisterAsSystemProxy", the PAC file is registered, but also the proxy servers, 8888 for http and https. What's the point to have both registered, and it negate my purpose.

Anyway to hook up PAC file only?


Also, how to  modify the PAC file content, for GOD's sake?
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Describe the bug
In case of an HTTPS session, FiddlerApplication.BeforeRequest event returns Session object which have wrong values for Session.fullUrl and Session.PathAndQuery properties, e.g. values are missing the URL parameters and ends with '443'.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Subscribe to FiddlerApplication.BeforeRequest
  2. Browse an URL of the type 'https://xxx.yyyyyyy.com/zzz?aa=1&b=2'
  3. The event is raised, and the passed Session.fullUrl has the value of 'http://www.yyyyyyy.com:443'.

Expected behavior
Session.fullUrl has the value of 'https://xxx.yyyyyyy.com/zzz?aa=1&b=2'.