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I am using the Telerik ReportServerClient to create, update, and delete subscriptions on our Report Server from our MVC application.

I am able to set all features that I need to set, except the first dropdown of the "Repeat On" section of the recurrence rule. 
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If you unselect all the days from the Day of the Week in the recurrence rule of a scheduled task of data alert, the task can be saved but will throw an Internal Server Error and you won't be able to list the available tasks on the server.

The linked muted video demonstrates the problem.

Here is the error stack trace produced by the ServiceAgent:

Telerik.ReportServer.ServiceAgent.exe Information: 0 : Loaded 37 tasks in total.
Telerik.ReportServer.ServiceAgent.exe Error: 0 : System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array.
   at Telerik.WinControls.UI.Scheduler.ICalendar.CalHelper.TryParseRecurrenceRuleProperties(RecurrenceRule result, IEnumerable`1 keywordPairs)
   at Telerik.WinControls.UI.Scheduler.ICalendar.CalHelper.TryParseRRuleCore(String valueToParse, RecurrenceRule& result)
   at Telerik.ReportServer.Web.Utils.Appointment..ctor(DateTime startUtc, String recurrenceRule)
   at Telerik.ReportServer.ServiceAgent.Tasks.TaskInfo.UpdateNextOccurrenceTime(DateTime utcFrom, DateTime utcTo)
   at Telerik.ReportServer.ServiceAgent.Services.SchedulingService.CalculatePendingTasks(List`1 pendingTasks)
   at Telerik.ReportServer.ServiceAgent.Services.SchedulingService.MainLoop()
   at Telerik.ReportServer.ServiceAgent.Services.SchedulingService.StartMain()

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Currently, the Report Server is installed with binding only to HTTP-type sites. This may break a Report Server site bound to an HTTPS site after upgrading to a new version. It is necessary to add the binding to HTTPS manually after each upgrade.

It would be great if there is an option for binding to HTTPS with the installation and if all the bindings can be preserved after upgrading.

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We cannot delete reports using the Report Server UI. After you select the report and choose to delete it, the report appears as removed from the list, even though the details are still visible. If you refresh the page, the report is still there.

Further investigation revealed that the ServiceAgent is not running. There is no proper error message indicating this though.

The issue is reproducible only with the Report Server running under HTTPS. When under HTTP there is a proper message stating that the ServiceAgent is stopped.

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If the Enable Web Report Designer setting is marked, it would be nice if the Telerik Web Report Designer is opened when New Report is clicked.
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Created by: Mhd.Ahd
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Type: Feature Request
I'm using Crystal Enterprise for a longtime, and would like to replace it with that tool.
 On of the most useful feature is scheduling (for time-hungry reports, that takes more than 20 minutes to be generated).

It will be a plus if you add:
* The ability to choose the Execution start time, and frequancy; and to enable or disable the schedule job without lossing it.
* Add a menu item called "Schedule Jobs", to view all schedule jobs of any accessible report (per profile; Admin can see all categories by profiles).
* The ability to execute on-demond (execute disabled or enabled schedules for prepared parameters).
* The ability to sign the generated PDF.
* The ability to send generated PDF to mail (one or more), and to set the mail subject and body.
* nerated PDF to folder (local, remote with auth) or FTP.The ability to save the ge
* The ability to view schedule execution history, and view its result; and Add option to clear old results.
* No "time out" for longer generation process.
* Schedule jobs queued per user profiles;
* Admin can set priority to user profiles (to execute queued jobs), and can cancel jobs.
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To localize the reports I now set the Localizable parameter to true and Culture an Language options to nl-NL (for the Netherlands).

So for Dutch customers that will be alright, but when I want to send a report to an English customer I must now make a second report with en-EN.
It will be nicer when I can change that in the schedule.

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When I do a sort or filtering in the report section on the server and I edit a report (f.i. add revision) the sorting and filtering is gone.


It's much nicer to keep the sorting and or filtering

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Can the list of categories be ordered instead of:

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It will be nice when I can filter the schedules or when I can couple them to categories
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Attempting to login with "Active Directory Credentials" throws an exception - A potentially dangerous Request.Form value was detected from the client (wresult="<t:RequestSecurityTo...").
Description: ASP.NET has detected data in the request that is potentially dangerous because it might include HTML markup or script. The data might represent an attempt to compromise the security of your application, such as a cross-site scripting attack. If this type of input is appropriate in your application, you can include code in a web page to explicitly allow it. For more information, see http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=212874.
Under Review
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I was on a remote web session with an engineer and we discovered that the Scheduler UI isn't saving the changed password to the database. 

The environment that I use is below. 

  • Report Server is installed in an Azure Virtual Machine
    • IIS is bound to ports 443 and 83
  • The SMTP Service is on RackSpace
  • The storage is located in SQL Server

The steps to reproduce are as follows.

  1. Change the Password
  2. Save the Changes
  3. Send Test
  4. Receive Error output

During the Remote Web Assistance Session, we tried a Gmail SMTP server and received the same results. 

We also enabled tracing and noticed an error in the event logs which I will attach here. 

Please let me know if you need any additional information.

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In a Scheduled Task created with the Report Server API, the day of the week in the recurrence rule is not shown in the Edit Task window of the Report Server Manager. A detailed description of the issue is available in this forum post.

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Release R1 2021 SP1
The CORS is enabled in the Report Server for all domains. This makes the application vulnerable to CORS attacks. The problem may be avoided by making CORS configurable.
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Created by: Tyler
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It would be nice to edit raw html or paste html into the mail template editor.

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Release R1 2021 SP1

I create a Report Book in the Standalone designer that is connected to my Report Server. When I add the first two reports, the Report Book is rendered as expected. When I add the third one, it fails with the exception:

Report processing was cancelled.
Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.
Parameter name: index

Here is a link to a short video demonstrating the problem. All the individual reports run correctly.


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Release R1 2021 SP1
I updated our Telerik Report Server to Afterward, the users with custom roles could no longer see report categories.
This leads to users not being able to open the report from the table and sends them to a bad URL since the category is undefined.
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I have a number of scheduled tasks that use report parameter values from the report in the body of the email.  If I untick the "use default value" checkbox of a DateTime parameter, it is replaced with the DateTime. However, if the checkbox is selected, the placeholder is not replaced with the value and is displayed as it is in the mail template, e.g. "{@createdDate} ". The String parameters are never replaced with the actual values. This can be observed in versions and
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Release R1 2021
Created by: Waz
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I have a report that is scheduled to happen first day of every month. The thing is that when I look at the next occurrence of the report, it is happening on the second day of the month. I am attaching the report settings herewith. Please let me know if you have a solution/ explanation to get this corrected. Thanks a lot in advance.



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Currently, the only requirement for the user password is to have at least 6 characters. This is too weak and it would be good if the password strength is made configurable.
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