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Last Updated: 04 Dec 2023 20:20 by Jim
Created by: Jim
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Edit in Code:
If no change is made to the file do not convert it to custom code.
I believe the staff would get fewer help tickets caused by 'coded' steps.

Last Updated: 29 Nov 2023 08:55 by ADMIN

Currently the Test Studio CLI runner AOT.Runner.exe allows outputting the results in junit format (other than xml and html).

Add the option to output the results in NUnit format. 

Last Updated: 29 Nov 2023 08:52 by ADMIN
Telerik has to provide Results format other than Junit, for e.g. Nunit which is supported by Azure.
Last Updated: 28 Nov 2023 21:18 by Lisa

Enhance Test Studio recording and execution options with the ability to prompt the user whether to deny or allow permissions to their geo location.

The app i'm testing may popup a dialog in Edge to ask the user to know their location. 

However when i try to record the test using Edge i don't see this popup. I just see an error thrown by the app that says the user denied Geo Location.

When i access the app with edge outside of Test Studio i do get prompted.

Last Updated: 28 Nov 2023 08:33 by Thomas

Currently Test Studio built-in connection to Git repository is covered for the straight scenario for authentication. 

Enhance the options for connecting to Git using authentication via proxy.

Last Updated: 27 Nov 2023 13:09 by Richard

Add the option for radButton to verify if enabled in the offline step builder.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start recording a WPF test. 
  2. Select a radButton in the DOM explorer and build a step for it.
  3. In the verification section there is an option for a step to verify if button is enabled.
  4. Try to add a verify if enabled step for the same already recorded element in the Step Builder. 

Expected: The option for verify if enabled step to be available. 

Actual: The option is not available.

Last Updated: 21 Nov 2023 13:54 by Reid

Currently if the value used for a filter starts with #, the comparison operator is automatically converted from 'is exactly' to 'matches this regular expression'. 

So, if one needs to use URL fragment (starts with #) for element identification, for example, that # needs to be escaped. 

The workaround to use will be to change the comparison operator with 'contains' and use the fragment portion without the # sign. 

Last Updated: 16 Nov 2023 09:03 by Tomáš

Version 2023.3.1115.

Test list logging option is not saving log in specified location from test list settings. 


In Development
Last Updated: 06 Nov 2023 15:45 by ADMIN
Created by: Jim
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I updated a few days ago 2023.1011.1.
I highlight and run a set of steps. When it ends, the Steps Pane scrolls to the bottom.
Since I may have hundreds of steps, remembering where I was and scrolling up to get there is time consuming.
Please fix this.
Last Updated: 06 Nov 2023 15:28 by Max
What do you think about adding a button "Delete from Storage" next to "Upload" button and it will delete all the records associated with the project that I no longer want to keep in the storage. Then when  I create a new project with the same name I will not have the old duplicate name still there
Last Updated: 06 Nov 2023 09:48 by ADMIN

Download dialog which is triggered from a new tab fails to be handled when running a test in Edge and Chrome extensionless mode. 

Such download dialog is usually triggered with a link similar to this: 

<a href="" target="_blank">Link to donwload</a>

The download dialog looks like this: 

Last Updated: 03 Nov 2023 12:58 by Tomáš
Add an option on Bind Test to abort the processing of the sql select, or select not to run immediately after clicking on the Bind Test icon.
Some selects take a few minutes, and if I want to look at it (or just edit it), I have to 'Loading...' wait those few minutes every time.

Last Updated: 03 Nov 2023 12:50 by Tomáš

Or place this option e.g. under the right click on the Test List name in Results. 

There is a function for Rerun failed tests, but if they fail a second time, I modify them and only want to run the ones that were bad, I have to tediously click them into a new Test List.

Need More Info
Last Updated: 03 Nov 2023 09:21 by ADMIN

The data generator should not soley control the output for the bound fields.

I want to generate a random string, such as XYZ. I want to use it in at least two fields. Each field will have unique prefixes and suffixes.

I suggest you add a checkbox on the target element dropdown that says: Element Prefix/Suffix.
By default it is unchecked.
When the user checks it a Prefix field and a Suffix field is seen. Just like the fields in the random string generator.
It signals the system to ignore any Prefix or Suffix in the data generator step.

An actual situation:
Field 'Company Name' would show The XYZ Company

Field 'Company Website' would show www.XYZ.Com

Last Updated: 17 Oct 2023 14:11 by ADMIN


ResultsViewer crashes when closing the Step Failure Details window with the OK button.

To reproduce:

  1. Open Trends_UserDefined 132421213805726776.aiiresult
  2. Double-click on Trends_UserDefined 17/08/2020 09:00
  3. Double-click on Trends_UserDefined.tstest
  4. Double-click on any failed step
  5. Click on Ok button


Best regards,

Last Updated: 17 Oct 2023 14:11 by ADMIN

The steps added for the ASP.Net Ajax controls RadInput and RadButton automatically scrolls the target element to top of the page. In the case when there is a static header on the page, the element gets scrolled under it and the actual action cannot be performed correctly. 

The workaround to use is to add the input or button element from the DOM tree and manually add a Click or Enter text step, enable 'SimulateRealClick' or 'SimulateRealTyping' and change the ScrollType property to scroll the element to the center of the page instead to top. 

Last Updated: 17 Oct 2023 14:10 by ADMIN

Dear Support,

The version I am using is not listed below: 2020.1.403.0

I am noticing an inconsistency when using the Replace Element feature i.e. the attributes selected are not respecting the priority set in the Settings - Find Logic (Html) screen.

Please refer to screenshots attached.

Last Updated: 17 Oct 2023 14:09 by ADMIN
Created by: Thong
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One of my element has the following find logic:

XPath        is exactly      //td/input[@title[contains(., 'End Date (Month Day Year)')]]


When I ran my script I got the error below:

Exception thrown executing coded step: 'Enter Leave Request To Date in 'LeaveRequestToDateText''.
'//td/input[@title[contains(. 'End Date (Month Day Year)')]]' has an invalid token.


I notice that the find logic expression displayed in the error message has a missing comma. Do you know why?




Last Updated: 17 Oct 2023 14:08 by ADMIN

Test Studio 2020.2.910 

The list of recent projects keep a deleted entry on restart.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Open the Test Studio Welcome view and choose a project to remove from the Recent project list.
2. Open any other project and close it exiting Test Studio. 
3. Start Test Studio again - the removed project from Recent items is listed again. 

Last Updated: 17 Oct 2023 14:08 by ADMIN
Created by: Kevin
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Apply the dark theme of Test Studio for the plugin in VS 2017. 

Check the Test Steps pane - it keeps the light theme view.

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