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Last Updated: 14 Oct 2020 12:48 by Rohan

When you execute a test list in CI environment with the ArtOfTest.Runner.exe, there is no option to publish the results to the storage server (if you have setup a storage server).

It will be great to have this option, so we can view the results in the Executive Dashboard.

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Last Updated: 14 Oct 2020 07:48 by Herb

The specific page and the frame, which is not identified from Test Studio, uses a Salesforce component called ForceAlohaPage and it seems there is a custom implementation for the frames in this component. These are not visible in the Windows.Frames collection, which Test Studio uses under Manager.ActiveBrowser.Frame. 


Last Updated: 13 Oct 2020 12:39 by ADMIN

The browse button, which allows you to set the path to the WebDriver is not showing. It is hidden by the vertical scroll bar in the Project Settings -> Browsers tab (see hiddenButton.png).

As a workaround, you can set the WebDriver path from Test Studio's Test Runner (see workaroundTestRunner.png).


Last Updated: 13 Oct 2020 09:17 by ADMIN
Created by: Ray
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Type: Feature Request

Show MongoDB service's status in the Configure Test Studio Services window in MongoDB tab. If it is running, it should indicate it in a similar way as the Storage and Scheduling services.

Currently, only when you apply the service settings, it is started and that is shown in the status bar. If I close the Configure Test Studio Services window and open it again, that information is missing again.

Last Updated: 29 Sep 2020 11:51 by ADMIN

Group custom dynamic targets with the same source step and value.

That way you can make changes to a group of dynamic targets at once. In this regard, maybe it will be helpful to allow multiple destination steps for one custom dynamic target.

Last Updated: 29 Sep 2020 11:48 by ADMIN

Copy a User Profile with its current state of custom dynamic targets.

The existing workaround is to copy the whole load test, but that makes the project unnecessarily large and does not cover all scenarios. It would be helpful to be able to copy existing User Profile in its current state.

Last Updated: 29 Sep 2020 11:42 by ADMIN

Add a toggle functionality for custom dynamic targets in order to enable/disable each on or all of them.

In the current state, you have to delete your custom dynamic target in order to disable it from your User Profile. That way you lose the information there and if you need it again, you must create it from scratch.

Last Updated: 29 Sep 2020 11:36 by ADMIN

Currently the popup window for editing user profile, choosing dynamic target and adding new dynamic target are all opened on top of each other. This prevents the user from going back to the previous windows to view steps and request details.

It would be great improvement in usability to be able to switch back to the different windows while designing your load test.

Last Updated: 29 Sep 2020 08:43 by ADMIN

Add functionality to delete all steps that do not match your filter. 

After I filter out the unnecessary domains, I delete the individual steps.  The primary reason that I perform this manual deletion is to detect extra Think Time steps which may linger after the filtering.

Last Updated: 29 Sep 2020 08:37 by ADMIN

Add functionality to change all Think Times to the same value for the entire User Profile. 

This would save having to go into each Think Time step and making a manual modification.  This would save time and help ensure no stray values of Think Times (say 200 instead of 20) were entered.

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Last Updated: 28 Sep 2020 14:44 by Stephane
Created by: Allen
Comments: 8
Type: Feature Request
It would be nice to have the story board capture subtest screenshots instead of the "Test Step" placeholder.  It would be fine maybe to watermark the screenshots with "Test Step," but still show the screens for reference.
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Last Updated: 25 Sep 2020 08:13 by Dan

Test Studio 2020.2.910 

The list of recent projects keep a deleted entry on restart.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Open the Test Studio Welcome view and choose a project to remove from the Recent project list.
2. Open any other project and close it exiting Test Studio. 
3. Start Test Studio again - the removed project from Recent items is listed again. 

In Development
Last Updated: 24 Sep 2020 08:35 by ADMIN
Created by: Thong
Comments: 1
Type: Bug Report


One of my element has the following find logic:

XPath        is exactly      //td/input[@title[contains(., 'End Date (Month Day Year)')]]


When I ran my script I got the error below:

Exception thrown executing coded step: 'Enter Leave Request To Date in 'LeaveRequestToDateText''.
'//td/input[@title[contains(. 'End Date (Month Day Year)')]]' has an invalid token.


I notice that the find logic expression displayed in the error message has a missing comma. Do you know why?




Last Updated: 24 Sep 2020 06:18 by ADMIN

CaptureBrowser() functionality does not work as expected with Firefox browser on Windows 10 version 2004. The captured image shows only the browser frame and and white contend of the browser.


Last Updated: 24 Sep 2020 06:18 by ADMIN

The load test fails to upload to the database, if there is a "." in any of the header names. The limitation comes from MongoDB's driver.

As a workaround, you can change the header name to not include "." or delete the key-value pair from the .tstest file.

Last Updated: 24 Sep 2020 06:16 by ADMIN

The HTML output from ArtOfTest.Runner.exe from failed test is missing the expected and actual image on failure. The same details are available, if the output is generated from Test Studio Standalone version.

The actual image on failure exists in the specified output location, but is not included in the HTML. When you open the results with the Result Viewer, you can see the actual image on failure, but the expected image is still missing. Maybe those are 2 separate things to look at.

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Last Updated: 24 Sep 2020 06:13 by ADMIN

If a test in a test list has compilation errors, it should not be possible to schedule it for execution. There is an error pop-up when I click on the Schedule Test List button, but no error if I right click on the test list and schedule it from there.

Please improve the behavior of the context menu in the Test Lists tab.


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Last Updated: 24 Sep 2020 06:09 by ADMIN

The Image verification and OCR steps do not work for WPF tests.

Those steps are simply not added to the test with the latest release 2020.R2.


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Last Updated: 24 Sep 2020 06:08 by ADMIN

Telerik Test Studio has the options to Add a, Bind (to an existing), or Unbind from a data source.

However, the VS Test Studio plug-in only has Add and Unbind.

It would be nice to be able to do everything within Visual Studio.


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Last Updated: 24 Sep 2020 06:05 by ADMIN
There is discrepancy when deleting test(s) from Test Studio Standalone and opening the same project in Visual Studio plug-in. The plug-in version needs functionality similar to the existing 'Test import' in order to handle more smoothly the transition in regards to test deletion.
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