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I just made a little test application using the .NET 6 Preview 6 and MAUI with chart control to see if we can use it for a future project. I was able to display just a basic chart with 1000 points in it, in ascending order on X axis. But the performance is really not there when running on my Android 10 device. I only made a Zoom at factor 2 and use panning right to left and it's not smooth at all. There is nothing in the chart (no grid, no annotations). Just a simple 2 axis chart. I can really not go with this because there will be many more data in our product at the chart need to be fast enough. Maybe it's a settings somewhere that need to be adjusted... Take a note that I was able to run the chart in WinUI project and the performance is correct, but I am on a very fast PC, it is just normal to be fast. Note: There is some kind of deceleration effect when panning, I want to disable it but not found how.

Anyway, it will be really cool if you can provide a very simple MAUI test application with the fastest full screen chart with Pan/Zoom with 1000 points (which for me is really not much data) and the corresponding code to me to validate if your library can do the job. I know that MAUI and .NET 6 is not released yet, but performance should be there now because it's really close to bug fixing only state now. Thanks.

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Created by: Garry
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When you release your MAUI components, can you please provide well designed working sample projects so that your customers can get started quickly.

These projects should be fully working Line of Business (LoB) apps which is your target market i.e. customers like me.

These samples should connect to ReST Web API's (as is the case with all my KendoUI projects), with a login screen, and then desktop, tablet and mobile 'personalities' with navigation bar, hamburger side menu, caption, search, account drop down, CRUD etc... i.e. all the things modern apps have these days.

You should also produce a 'kitchen sink' app which demonstrates the use of every component in a simple 'app' without use of overly complex code which could confuse or intimidate your customers.

Remember, you are the experts, not your customers, else we would not be buying your products, we'd build our own. Help us to build cool products with your components.

If you have read the famous 'mythical man month', Brookes recommends buying components, especially big ones, the bigger the better. He means buying fully scaffolded, working, documented, easy to understand, application source code e.g. LoB projects which you are best placed to construct for our benefit. Progress has many excellent tech evangelists, I have watched their presentations, and I'd like to see these people involved in constructing these LoB sample apps, as their video presentation skills will also benefit your customers in understanding best practice for building LoB apps.

I hope this helps?


Kind Regards



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Created by: Christian
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Please update the global.json file in your demo application to the new Version of the .NET SDK 

        "version": "6.0.100-preview.6.21355.2",
         "rollForward": "disable",
         "allowPrerelease": true