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Last Updated: 29 Sep 2023 16:15 by Kevin
After dynamically setting SelectedItems on a multi select RadComboBox, it renders out all the items instead of showing the collapsed tokens view.  I believe this is because RadComboBox.HideTokens is not getting called in this situation.
Last Updated: 28 Sep 2023 13:09 by ADMIN

When setting LineBreakMode properties in Label inside the TreeView ItemTemplate, the properties are not respected. 

			TargetType="{x:Type models:Folder}">
                        <Grid ColumnDefinitions="Auto, *, Auto">

				VerticalOptions="Center" />

				Text="Item with loooooooooooooooong naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeee"
				VerticalOptions="Center" />

                            <Button Text=". . ."

Last Updated: 28 Sep 2023 12:46 by ADMIN

Error clang++ exited with code 1:

ld: in /Users/.../Library/Caches/Xamarin/mtbs/builds/SDKBrowserMaui/.../obj/x64/Debug/net7.0-ios/iossimulator-arm64/linker-cache/TelerikUI.a(TKChartAnnotation.o), building for iOS Simulator, but linking in object file built for iOS, file '/Users/.../Library/Caches/Xamarin/mtbs/builds/SDKBrowserMaui/.../obj/x64/Debug/net7.0-ios/iossimulator-arm64/linker-cache/TelerikUI.a'

clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation) SDKBrowserMaui C:\Program Files\dotnet\packs\Microsoft.iOS.Sdk\16.4.7089\targets\Xamarin.Shared.Sdk.targets 1274


Steps to reproduce:

Run the SDKBrowser example from the Telerik UI for .NET MAUI 6.1.0 package following this instruction:

The paired Mac needs to have an Apple silicon (M1 or M2) chip.
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Last Updated: 28 Sep 2023 10:11 by ADMIN
Dynamic change of the Stroke property of the ScatterSplineSeries has no effect in Android, the stroke is not changed.



Change the Palette.

ChartPalette chartPalette = new ChartPalette();
chartPalette.Entries.Add(new PaletteEntry { FillColor = Colors.LightBlue, StrokeColor = Colors.LightGreen });
this.chart.Palette = chartPalette;


Last Updated: 27 Sep 2023 15:50 by Alexey
Created by: Alexey
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Category: TreeView
Type: Feature Request
Provide an API for filtering the TreeView.
Last Updated: 27 Sep 2023 14:20 by Scott

Currently the SuggestionView does not stay open all the time

I can get it to open on focus by running this code and attaching it to the Focused event

    Focused += SupporterAutoCompleteSearchBar_Focused;

    private void SupporterAutoCompleteSearchBar_Focused(object sender, FocusEventArgs e)
 but if I type in the search bar, like a letter "a", and then backspace to get rid of it so I'm left with an empty string, the SuggestionView disappears. The SuggestionView also disappears if I assign a new list, such as through the Remote Search feature in the documentation while the search text is an empty string. I have gotten around these two issues by adding a dispatcher that will call ShowSuggestions(); after 100 milliseconds but I get this flicker effect where the SuggestionView disappears and then comes back again. It's very jarring.

I have looked in the decompiled RadAutoComplete class in visual studio and it looks like the code is set up so the SuggestionView disappears when the Text is null or empty. I would like a bindableproperty for this control that always keeps the SuggestionView open or a workaround that doesn't cause the SuggestionView to disappear in the above circumstances
Last Updated: 27 Sep 2023 13:26 by Alexey

When setting the TreeView items Visibility to false, empty space is displayed: 

Last Updated: 27 Sep 2023 11:58 by Nathan

I have a collection of items, and one of the properties notifies changes to the UI. ("BooleanProperty") I also bind to the SelectedItem property on the list view to toggle this bool property to true or false.

I have another property "Description" that I am sorting by. When sorting the ListView and select an item, the items with the same value are reordered. 

Last Updated: 26 Sep 2023 13:42 by ADMIN
Release 6.2.0
Created by: Denis
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Category: UI for .NET MAUI
Type: Feature Request

I know you are all working on this and are addressing the breaking changes between preview7 to RC1, I wanted to open this Feature Request so that I can be immediately notified when UI for MAUI RC1 support is ready to download and use.

Thank you,


In Development
Last Updated: 26 Sep 2023 12:09 by ADMIN

Application Crashes if we delay the column creations after the collection is set.


No crash if we remove the delay.

In Development
Last Updated: 25 Sep 2023 13:31 by ADMIN
Provide an option to change the IsBusy animation type, color, etc. 

Currently I can change the IsBusy background color by using implicit style: 
            <Style TargetType="telerik:RadBusyIndicator" x:Name="busy">
                <Setter Property="BackgroundColor" Value="Red"/>
    <telerik:RadDataGrid IsBusy="True"/>
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Last Updated: 25 Sep 2023 10:50 by ADMIN
Created by: tx55
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Category: UI for .NET MAUI
Type: Bug Report

I am trying to use the DataForm but as soon as I uncomment one too many input the UI overlaps. In the image attached, after uncommenting RSVPPage for example the UI is all messed up.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
        <vm:NewDemoViewModel />
                BindingContext="{Binding Demo}"
                <telerik:DataFormGroup HeaderText="Text">
                    <telerik:DataFormRadEntryEditor PropertyName="Host" />
                    <telerik:DataFormRadEntryEditor PropertyName="Address" />
                    <telerik:DataFormRadEntryEditor PropertyName="City" />
                    <telerik:DataFormRadEntryEditor PropertyName="PostalCode" />
                    <telerik:DataFormRadEntryEditor PropertyName="PhoneNumber" />
                <telerik:DataFormGroup HeaderText="Text">
                    <telerik:DataFormRadEntryEditor PropertyName="CreatedOn" />
                    <telerik:DataFormRadDatePickerEditor PropertyName="PlannedDate" />
                    <telerik:DataFormRadDatePickerEditor PropertyName="Date" />
                    <telerik:DataFormRadTimePickerEditor PropertyName="Time" />
                    <!--<telerik:DataFormRadCheckBoxEditor PropertyName="PersoDemo" />
                    <telerik:DataFormRadEntryEditor PropertyName="RSVPPage" />-->
                    <!--<telerik:DataFormRadEntryEditor PropertyName="Ambassador" />
                        <telerik:DataFormRadEntryEditor PropertyName="InternalNote" />-->

I am using the android emulator with a pixel 5.

Thanks in advance,

Last Updated: 22 Sep 2023 06:26 by Nico
Release 6.0.0
NSInternalInconsistencyException is thrown when using PullToRefresh and modifying the underlying datasource. This happens on iOS 16.4 and iOS 16.5
In Development
Last Updated: 21 Sep 2023 15:21 by ADMIN
When the text is selected and the separator sign is pressed the text is deleted instead of entering the separator.
Last Updated: 21 Sep 2023 11:56 by Andrea
Created by: Andrea
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Category: Map
Type: Feature Request
Currently, the supported projection is Mercator projection. Provide an option to read shapefiles with different projection. 
Last Updated: 21 Sep 2023 10:38 by ADMIN
Created by: Nico
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Category: Calendar
Type: Feature Request

Please provide the option to display week numbers like here

Last Updated: 21 Sep 2023 07:35 by Mark
Created by: Funny
Comments: 2
Category: UI for .NET MAUI
Type: Feature Request
Currently Telerik MAUI controls doesn't seem to support Light and Dark Themes(Modes). It will be really helpful to have this feature built in the controls or through styles supported by those controls so that these controls blend in nicely with the Light and Dark Themes supported by the app.
Last Updated: 19 Sep 2023 14:33 by Scott
Created by: JP
Comments: 2
Category: ListView
Type: Feature Request
Provide a way to set header and footer that are always visible in the ListView and are excluded from the scrolling.
Currently the property exists only for GroupHeaders. I want to have the same option for the HeaderTemplate. 
Last Updated: 19 Sep 2023 14:04 by Ilker

Provide a style property for the text in grouping panel. Currently you can style the border, background color and change the header text of the panel. For example:

<Style TargetType="telerik:DataGridGroupingPanel">
    <Setter Property="BackgroundColor" Value="Red"/>
    <Setter Property="HeaderText" Value="Hello to group"/>
    <Setter Property="CornerRadius" Value="10"/>
    <Setter Property="BorderThickness" Value="2"/>
    <Setter Property="BorderColor" Value="Blue"/>

Last Updated: 19 Sep 2023 05:59 by Kori

The bug occurs on Android when removing an item from a group and using sticky group headers.

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